Saturday, July 19, 2008

An 'Epix" to do before you die.

A map of where we were headed. Starting at the top left head across to the middle and down then head back up to the top and across.
The ride started and finished at a car park behind us. We were heading out on a 4-5 hour loop for experienced riders. We thought we fitted the description. The loop set of along a track called the Lusk track. First thing i noticed was the trails here are marked better than our race courses.

The trail heads up and through the woods. The locals tell you to stay together and yell out "Hey Bear" as you blaze through the trails.

About 30 mins into the ride we came across a recently logged area.

Craig doing a bit of hike a'bike. This was steep, I'm talking granny ring 32 at the rear.

After we finished the Lusk track we took the Powderface fire road track to the Jumpingpound track turn off.

The valley below is Powderface road. We came up Jumping pound track which was a tough granny ring climb for an hour.

My Giant Anthem was loving been on top of the world.

We finally arrived at the top of Jumpingpound hill and were rewarded with spectacular views.

This was the ridge we were about to descend down. What a reward for all that tough climbing.

Off the ridge and back into the woods.

We popped out onto the other end of the Powderface trail and had a great view of the ridge line we had just ridden up, across and down.

This was heading back along the Lusk track.

And finally back at the car. It had taken 4 hours and 30 mins. We had climbed 2000m and avoided flat tires in the rockiest of conditions, thankfully to Geax Saguaro tires and sealant. I will never forget this ride it rates as the best yet. I know this is the sort of trail the Felt Epix search for on a regular basis. When they find the trails as good as this i hope i am lucky enough to be their too.


Jason Jackson said...

Love the pixs mate!! Looks like you are having a great time.
Keep up the good blogging...

jenny said...

Looking strong Johnny. Enjoy yourself. Ride hard.