Saturday, May 23, 2009

Knee operation, new LED lights from Nightlightning.

It has been 3 weeks since my knee operation and finally i can pedal a full rotation on the bike. The operation went really well with the ACL but all the lateral tighting they did to the medial ligament has been restricting. It is finally starting to loosen up.

I am starting to go a bit nutty now after 5 weeks of inactivity. Alister from Nightlighting sent me a get well pack of goodies. The new LED lights have some real kick. I can't believe that they still get brighter every year. With the lights looking at me every day wanting to head out on the trails i will have to up the rehab.

Ways to beat the boredom:

Rehab exercises.
Learn a language if only very minimal.
Read lots of books.
Spend time playing with children.
Stay out of mums way.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The future.

It has been pending for some time now, that i would have to back off from riding and racing. With life changing and different priorities i have decided to stop racing and now just ride socially.

I was riding at the nationals this year at Easter and about 8 hours into the race i was feeling good and happy to bee in 2nd. But as in 24hour racing if you think about what you are doing it is over.

I was thinking about a few things one and most important was do i really want this. The answer was no. I never started racing and riding these events to win or to be the best. For me it was all about seeing how far i could push myself and enjoy it. I was lucky enough to be very competitive at the same time. Looking back, last years National 24 hour i found out how far i could push myself. Since then racing hasn't been the same. I now know how far i can push my body and with a young family the risk is to great, i suppose until you do a 24 hour and end up in hospital you don't truly understand.

Anyway new trails are still begging to be discovered and I look forward to some non competitive trail blazing with friends. So here is a list of the best products i have used through my racing life:

Lights: Nightlighting blast. Up datable every year and the more than enough light.

Tyres: Geax Sagauro , the best around tyre ever.

Supplements: Ascend sport protein

Clothing: Skins most comfortable cycling Knicks as they don't stretch over a 24 hour race
and become loose.

Shoes: Shimano custom fit shoes.

Grips: Ergon ergonomic grips. Better control and comfort.

Bike: Giant anthem advance.

So a big thank you to all my sponsors and support network for all you have done for me over the years, they are: Nightlighting, Ascend, Giantbikes, GKA sports, Skins, Ergon grips, Shimano, Jeff Williams (Strength and Conditioning for all.) and Warren Keys(Melbourne Bicycle Centre Clifton Hill.)

Monday, April 6, 2009

24 Hour Solo Championships this weekend.

Has the work/training been done? YES.
Is this the time? YES NOW.
Do you believe? YES BRAVE.

Stay tuned for full race report and what is install for the future.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chase your dreams.

With a week of turning the impossible into reality i have been inspired. I was reminded of what happens if you never take your focus of your goals, no matter how far out of reach they seem to be. So for all who have lost faith in what can be achieved you too will be reminded of what can be done even when all is stacked against them.

On a riding note a small Giant rider along with Troy Clark turned the Hell ride into a train wreck, shelling all who tried to hold the wheel. It seems the Ascend nutritional assistance is paying off.

Today i entered the 24 Solo nationals so look out for the results at Easter. When night falls and Nightlightning come out to play their will be a train wreck.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Magic moment.

After a light training week and breaking another rear wheel spoke on the Hell ride Saturday, i decided to have a MTB ride.

Up at 3am, it was time to get in some night riding down on the Yarra trails. The ride started slow as i woke the body up. This is when the magic moment happened. About halfway into the ride just before Westerfolds Park time was erased and i woke up back at Burke road. Why is this a magic moment? When you ride your bike for 24 hours your best is always when you loose track of time, i call it taming time or is more widely known as deep in the ZONE. To drop into the zone during training means that it is now on tap, something i have been working on for a long time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Time management.

I have a few minutes to post an update. Over the last few weeks it has been full on. I have been getting up at 3am and riding for 3-4 hours before work. Yes the Nightlightning lights have been getting a good work out. However this results in some sleep deprivation requiring me to go to bed at the same time as Mitchell and Emma.

Work has had the rest of the day tied up as we have been busy quoting jobs, laying bricks and blocks for various projects. I have been trying to complete as many jobs as possible before Easter because i have booked my knee surgery for the 14th of April. The surgeon has told me to allow 8 weeks for rehabilitation.

Coming up on the 28th of March i will be riding the Owtway road challenge for Ascend who are supporting the event where you can sample some of their fabulous nutritional products.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Owtway oddessy

One of the toughest Marathon MTB races is over for another year and i believe it was the best one yet. A quick update on my week before i give you a race report.

Tuesday night the family and i went to the MTB critt under Burke rd bridge. After a few crashes on the early laps due to my adjusted riding style caused by the shoulder ligament injury, i was able to work into a handy lead to take out the $100 up for grabs in A grade. I am looking forward to a full series of these races around Christmas as Mitchell loves riding the trails down there also.

Thursday i saw the Knee specialist. He was a bit surprised by the MIR scan as it showed that i have completely snapped my Anterior Cushier Ligament in my right knee. This gives me 2 options, leave it and no longer run or do any sport or activity's that involve twisting or sudden turning. The other is a complete knee reconstruction involving about 8 weeks rehab. I took the complete knee reconstruction. It is booked for the 14th of April just after the Australian 24 Hour Solo Championships.

Back to the Owtway Odyssey. It was an early start as i had to register before the start. They had giving me No.13, just what i needed to settle pre race nerves. It was a fast start again as we rolled out of town and then began climbing. One thing i won't forget was looking back down from the top to see riders snaking there way along the road we had just blown our lungs apart coming up. I came into the first drink station in 7th place feeling better than in previous years. The next loop took allot out of me. This was fun flowing single track but with the shoulder injury i found i had to really focus on what i was doing just to hold a wheel. As we started the last loop it showed as we started to climb and i just rode a solid tempo to get me to the finish. In the end i managed 9th place which i was happy with considering the lead up. I will be back next year hoping for a top 5 finish.